April 6, 2016

About Us

is a proud member of of the Fest Corporation family of Companies, which includes American Marketing and Mailing and American Visual Brands. Founded in 1994 by Chuck Fest Jr.,  the group rises head and shoulders above other marketing companies with specialized and effective in-house services that address the unique requirements of different industries and compan


American Partner Solutions develops technologies specifically around your business needs to increase your sales and productivity. There’s no magic wand or wizard behind the curtain, just a transparent process for data hygiene, segmentation, performance analysis and channel messaging. Our solutions integrate through various processes to ensure the security and protection of your data, including secure processes for handling credit and financial information.


Opinions are a lot like …..well, everyone has one. By using response based analytics to decide the right creative, it’s not longer an opinion – it’s a fact. Choose the best performing creative for your store based on industry leading statistics for performance.
By employing various testing models within our response analysis to optimize creative and offer performance to ensure you are getting the best response.


Our strategy is pretty simple – we call it ProAct. In an ever changing world, we believe in being Proactive.